The Dating Department

The Dating Department

33 chapters / 45132 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


Comedy, Romance, Novel



over 4 years ago Lillie Rose said:

I thought it wasn't going to be him for a while, I was sad! I'm sooooo glad it was! this is so sweet! I love this story!


over 5 years ago Emma said:

This is such a cute story. I can't wait to read more of your work!


over 5 years ago Madee Lwin said:

Just finished this! It took me about 2-3 hours, but I did it. And yay! I'm glad she picked him. I've been rooting for him since the beginning. I really enjoyed the story, especially the little bits and parts of humor thrown in. For a while though, I thought she would pick Levi, because of what her dad said. But I'm seriously glad she picked who she did, because like I said, I loved him from the start. :)


over 5 years ago Gingersnap777 said:

First off, I loved how clean your writing was--very few grammatical issues--THANK YOU! I loved the banter. You do a great job with dialogue in any case (maybe try a little more narration?) and it made me laugh out loud more than once, so great job with that.

I was a little confused for a while. There doesn't seem to be many distinguishing features between the guys aside from physical appearance...maybe work on separate characterizations? I also had a hard time deciding who Riley truly liked best, and felt like the whole situation was just setting her up for a whole lot of heartache. Readers, in general, like to know which suitor to vote for, even if the heroine doesn't.

All in all, very sweet and funny. I like the way it turned out. Great job!



almost 6 years ago Ema N. Piperni said:

Finally got to the end! I loved it. I really went through the rollercoaster along with Riley, falling for one guy, and then the others, dreading the moment when the decision had to be made, because like her, I had no idea who was the right decision. But I did know, really, just like Riley. It was Aiden, the one to unintentionally trip her up when she wasn't expecting it, the one to get involved before it all really started, the one that was there from the beginning. It was never really Paul, not even smooth-talking Levi with all his slick moves, however charming. Roy slipped me up for a while there, because I saw something in him before Aiden was even introduced, but in the end, it wasn't him either. My only disappointment was the epilogue. I like a little mystery in the ending, and probably would have preferred a sweet moment between them after her speech and decision, rather than the whole history of their futures, although that was sweet too. Either way, it was well enjoyed. Thanks for the good time!

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almost 6 years ago Luna said:

Just an incredible book. It still needs a bit of editing, but it's definitely awesome. I am a toal hopeless romantic, and I love the way you wrote this story. I am glad that Riley ended up with Aiden, but your story kept me guessing for a while. Wonderful job!