Just a Thought: What You Need To Know

Just a Thought: What You Need To Know

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A little poem I put together, wanted to write something new and this popped into my head... not going to say if it is real or fiction...




July 6 2012 002

almost 6 years ago Sarah said:

If I had a penny for every time this happened to me.... I'd actually be really poor. But the thing is, that's because I go through people like nobody's buisness. That's because, I don't really care about people. At least, romantically. I wish I could. But, I don't....which labels me as some heartbreaker... But the truth is, I think there is a lot of sides to this. The side you proposed and the side I did. (And more..) So really I think this is very nice. But if this is about some damn girl, I'm not here to lecture you about life. I don't even know why this comment is so, so loong.



over 2 years ago Abby said:

This poem is short and sweet and written very well. I enjoy it a lot. I can totally relate to the emotions put into this piece.