The Perfect Duo

The Perfect Duo

1 chapter / 115 words

Approximately half a minute to read


A dancer and a drummer
Perfection on stage.


Writing, Poetry



over 1 year ago Cassidy Ozias said:

Amazing :)


over 2 years ago An Evanescent Moment said:

Omg you have a really good talent and i loved how it flowed and rhymed,it made me smile at how simply it seemed take hold of my imagination.This is a really great piece.:)


over 6 years ago NotAnna said:

Wow. That is truly beautiful. Your flow is perfect, and I just wanted to float along in the poem forever. Great job.


over 6 years ago Quinnith Oliverius said:

I like this a lot. And I can sort of relate to it given that I'm a dancer. Keep up the good work.



over 6 years ago Malvina Fayette said:

I absolutely love this precious poem! I think that it perfectly captures the exact moment that a performance begins as well as when it ends. The way that the words flow was almost entrancing. Great Job!


almost 7 years ago Chrysanthe Maistros said:

As a former dancer this was absolutely lovely to read. I could actually feel myself back on-stage with all of the lights on me and the music surrounding me. Beautiful poetry and I hope you continue writing.