4 chapters / 3795 words

Approximately 19 minutes to read


© 2012
-Complete (Still need to update Figment version). This book (After extensive, extreme, crazy editing) may be published in a year.-

Chryseis has lived in the forest since she was eight, along with her twin sister, Ilona, and her little sister, Carmen, after an incident in their old village made them leave. Ever since, the mayor has been sending out 'hunting' parties to track down the girls and...dispose...of them.
But one day, something they had feared for a while came to pass.
The hunters are coming.
And this time, it'll change everything.


Adventure, Fantasy, Novel



over 5 years ago Becca Hyer said:

Here's your comment. It was an okay piece, not really my cup of tea but you had good writing. P.S. Please do not post on my wall again fishing for a comment. I have a busy schedule with final exams and sometimes only have enough time between study breaks to leave a review/comment. I did read your piece, hence the heart. If that's not good enough, tough. :|


over 5 years ago Dubbing Rosie said:

I really liked this! Your writing voice is really strong and your characters are relatable and interesting. Great job!:)


over 5 years ago Anna Browne said:

Cover: LOVE! Definitely drew me in :D I read the first chapter, and so far, I'm impressed! Intriguing, nicely detailed, well-written; nice job! Hearted:)


almost 6 years ago Kaye said:

This is really good. Great descriptions, but some grammar mistakes. Nice job :)



over 3 years ago Alexis Garrett said:

I only read the first two chapters, but I noticed a few things. What I liked:

The characters. They were easy to relate with and fun to read about. The main character caught my interest from the beginning and held it.

Could be better:

Watch verb tenses. Is this happening now or is she telling us about it? "...I huffed...I am part faery."

Random spelling errors. A reread or spell check would fix them. Here's one of the more obvious ones I found. "...other villagers to find course..." I think you meant "cause".

Steampunk aviator

about 5 years ago Olivia Rumour said:

Halfing is not fully published on Figment, so of course there's more at the end! I just haven't added it to Figment yet.