A Very Hipster Holiday

A Very Hipster Holiday

1 chapter / 2165 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


A ridiculous, silly adventure into the Hipster Dimension. But you've probably never heard of it :{o


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almost 3 years ago sugarplum said:

I lost it with the lizard. I tip my hat to you, dear. this is...otherworldly.(;


over 4 years ago Melissa Pierre-Louis said:

"We travel by giant lizard" God, I love this story so much.


over 4 years ago Kaitie Lysaght said:

Man, I found this on my own cause swapping is SO mainstream. But seriously, this is hilarious. Love the Death Cab refference. I want a giant lizard.


over 5 years ago Rabbit Beaumont said:

This is lovely, & that's all I have to say.



about 6 years ago Lorelei Elizabeth said:

I absolutely love this since it's so spot on for hipsters. I'm a pseudo-hipster kind of, except I'm not whiny and I don't travel by a giant, time-warping, lizard who is spurred on by the sweet notes of Ben Gibbard's voice. The only downside, you didn't include anything about Macs or toy camera photography! Put in some Holga here, a little Diana there, make references to Lomography. Or her camera could only take lomo pictures, that would be cool.