The Boy With The Black Hood

The Boy With The Black Hood

12 chapters / 8098 words

Approximately 40 minutes to read


Angelique is your typical goth in high school. Misjudged and alone. And the bonus of being a Senior doesn't help. But all that changes when a new boy comes. He's pale, tall and mysterious. He never eats unless he brings his own lunch. He always wears his black hoodie and long sleeves. Angelique wants to know more about this boy. But will her finds make her regret it?


Drama, Fantasy, Romance



about 2 years ago writer said:

WOW! Great vampire story.


over 5 years ago Priscilla Michaels said:

Vladamir Tod is your cover x] I love Vlad!! Hot half-vampire, teenage boy. No, I havn't read this book but if you want me to I will!(:


almost 6 years ago Rose L said:

Oh my god this. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!


almost 6 years ago hamza said:

hi my name is hamza and i am 14 years old and live in amsterdam i have righted a book called where love begins and its my first time i ever had wrighted astory so would you be kind enough to read my book comment about it and rate it thank you very much( i know my english isn't very well so sorry for that)


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