A Giver of Life and Death

A Giver of Life and Death

1 chapter / 1057 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


A young Egyptian boy watches the life the Nile River brings, only to see the death it can also bring



almost 6 years ago TemptedFiction said:

This was really, really, good. I feel like you gave us a great amount of descriptions and rich vocab to suck us in from the beginning. Great job with this!

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almost 6 years ago ASA said:

Sad, but so interesting.

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almost 6 years ago ASA said:

love the eqypt theme, you dont see it that often!


almost 6 years ago Nadege Richards said:

I liked this a lot, actually. I liked that I felt like I was reading a piece of history, something widely known. I love how much background you gave, too, in such a short piece. But you went into depth with the right things, and so much in the right thing. With that, I'm very impressed. Outstanding job!



almost 6 years ago Victoria B. said:

This was very good. At first I was drawn in by your descriptions in the first paragraph! Wonderful! And then the excitement and anticipation that you create when Akil falls in to the river. This is wonderfully written and if I could heart it more than once, I definitely would.

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almost 6 years ago Sheri said:

a typo: " It was several hours later that Hasani’s body was finally managed to be retrieved from the river." maybe get rid of "managed to be" or just get rid of the second "was."