Twin Flames

Twin Flames

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Elizabeth Fell isn’t normal. At least that’s what made up majority of the whispers that followed her throughout her life. It used to bother her up until she turned sixteen and her perspective on reality changed, quite literally. Blessed with a unique blend of speed, strength and sight she has no idea why she has always felt so different in a world that no one can see, but her. She assumes she has her abnormalities all under control until the dreams start, four years later. Dreams that leave her feeling empty and alone and longing for the one constant they share – Cyrus. But the dreams aren’t the only things invading her picture perfect life for soon after Cyrus awakens her subconscious she encounters a demon who just can’t seem to stay away from her while frequently catching glimpses of the rare and mysterious fallen ones.

It all seems to be too much of a coincidence. What is she? Is Cyrus her Twin Flame, and if he is why are they not together?

Her subconscious knows the dark truth but isn’t telling. Because only one thing could be so terrible that it would leave you oblivious to your true nature. Only one thing – Tearing your soul in half. And while she is blinded by her curse a fearsome creature lurks in the shadows. A hunter of the fallen, and he is hungry, very hungry for a broken soul.


Fantasy, Romance, Novel



11 months ago johnHadden said:

I don’t know what would help write my essay. I have tried a couple tutorials online on simple essay writing but it looks like I am unable to apply these to writing. I think I now know that writing is not for me.


about 3 years ago Cait Cher said:

I read a few parts, and I thought they were good. I would have to say to keep the paragraphs closer together.


about 3 years ago Paige Johnson said:

I've read a very similar first few sentences so you should consider starting a different way. Comma after Instantly. I think your pace is a little fast given how little we know yet and the couple's love is a tad too sappy. Give them a dash of more history in the meanwhile. Ample amount of figurative language though, some pretty depictions of nature.

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about 3 years ago Live, Laugh, Love said:

wow, that was really good. please continue. cliffy. ;)



almost 3 years ago BlackNether said:

Nice work! Not that it's new to me, I've read it before!

Good work, the idea is original in a way, and interesting in all ways.

You're very good at portraying emotions, I can feel them, burning, very real! But your punctuation needs work, I'd advise you to look through it and read it out loud, imagining how you want it to sound and putting in the appropriate punctuation! That's what I do.

I love your idea! This chapter doesn't have much action so it's a bit hard reading, but it was well written, good work!


almost 4 years ago Crystal M. said:

Wow! This is superb. I loved this! I loved the first sentence in the preface. It was perfect for this. I didn't find any spelling or grammar errors. Amazing job!