(Look-Breathe-Taste-Feel-Gasp) BLINK

(Look-Breathe-Taste-Feel-Gasp) BLINK

1 chapter / 457 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Hey guys! Thanks so much for stopping by to read this! Don't forget to click that mouse and heart! I would appreciate absolutely any comments, advice, critiques from fellow readers and writers. Thanks so much, and enjoy!



almost 6 years ago Maggie Brooks said:

Thanks so much! I'd love to check out you're piece

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almost 6 years ago T.X.Jaine said:

Wow, again amazing! perhaps you could read my 17 mad piece its called 10 minutes. You are EXTREMELY good. Wow, I. Am. Officially. Following. You. You're amazing!!!

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about 6 years ago Laura D said:

full of suspense and mystery!!! LOVED It!! :DDD

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about 6 years ago Rachel Martschinske said:

Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! Your word choice was so beautiful and mysterious it make me shiver with anticipation for the next sentence! Great piece of work and beautifully written!



about 6 years ago Lav W. said:

I love the way you use words to paint a picture. You have a lovely writing style and it flows well. The images are clear, the word choice is fitting, and all in all this is a beautiful piece of writing.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I think you should be a bit more clear about what is happening. I'm all for mystery and unclear story lines and leaving what's going on up to the reader, but I have no clue what happened in this story. Not even a basic outline.

The writing style is great, but the plot seems to be non-existent and the plot is the backbone of the story.