Those Green Eyes

Those Green Eyes

75 chapters / 168450 words

Approximately about 14 hours to read


A Harry Potter (JK Rowling) Fanfic.

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26 days ago office said:

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5 months ago Zoe Zhang said:

SO GOOD! So like Harry Potter series but you should also add Dumbledore since he's the headmaster of hogwarts.


5 months ago Juniper Rae said:

the whole story is amazing. I loved every part of except the ending.


6 months ago Honora "Kat" Boothby said:

this is absolutly amazing! it made me laugh so many times, you got the character traits for the marauders just right. simply amazing. loved every minute of reading it.



8 months ago Summer said:

In response to IT Chen: Thank you so much for your review! However, in an interview JK Rowling herself confirmed that James Potter was, in fact, a Gryffindor Chaser.


11 months ago I.T. Chen said:

Great fan fiction, except for a few spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Also, I though James was the Seeker for Gryffindor! Overall a great story though.