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Approximately about 4 hours to read


im shitting in the forest


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4 months ago imranuddin said:

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about 1 year ago jackdon said:

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over 2 years ago livie said:

I read "A (Re)lapse in Judgment" and all I can say is that I aspire to write poems and songs as raw and genuine and gritty as your poetry.


over 2 years ago Atlantis said:

I love them all! Thank you for giving me something good to read on this snowy snowy night.



over 2 years ago Valeria Seville said:

I saw one of your gen/ran posts containing some of your poetry and I had to come see if you had any more on your page, so this came as a really, REALLY pleasant surprise. This is incredible. You're not only one of the most prolific poets I've seen here (over 40k words ?????? magic) but one of the most talented as well. Your style is just so eloquent and you write some of the most smoothly flowing free-verse that I've ever read. It's intelligent without being dry or clinical, emotional without being sloppy, honestly brilliant. I don't follow anyone since I haven't really read much yet, but after this I can say you're going to be my first follow.


almost 3 years ago Crystal Rose Selburn said:

.... Beautiful.... All I can say.