A Walk with God

A Walk with God

1 chapter / 39 words

Approximately less than 20 seconds to read


A simple poem about God.



about 5 years ago Jennifer said:

Powerful and just the type of poem I was looking for!I must go now, but I want you to know that I really enjoyed your poem!P.S. If you get the chance, find out what God did for Anna in "Little Angels of Connecticut." Comments and hearts are welcome!:)~Jen


over 5 years ago Matthew Dalzell said:


Diet coke

almost 6 years ago T.X.Jaine said:

Short, Simple and to the point. Love it. What I like even more is how true and utterly amazing it is. Well done.


about 6 years ago Maire Dei said:

It's short but pretty inspiring. You did great!



almost 6 years ago Raven Starhawk said:

I'll hand it too you this was very lovely.


about 6 years ago Emma Fisher said:

Good job. It's simple and pretty. It flows well together. What I like is how without you capitalizing 'you' the reader wouldn't be able to know what you were talking about. By capitalizing 'you' the reader knows who your talking about. It's simple, and very vague which is what I really love about it. It's so beautiful.