Nerdy: Has Logged On

Nerdy: Has Logged On

6 chapters / 3869 words

Approximately 19 minutes to read


Warning Strong Language! Thank you.. Nerdy, a teen girl that is just as her Chat-room ID says, is a full blown nerd. She as made friends with two other people and now has twenty-four hours to present the true her to one of them. So she goes in search of the other to give her tips on how to look like a normal Un-Nerdy girl.



about 5 years ago Micky Dah Dah Deezy! said:

y can't i like this again and again!!! lol


over 5 years ago Micky Dah Dah Deezy! said:

omggggg luvvv it!!! whats gunna happen!!! omggggg more more more more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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over 5 years ago Robin Chapman said:

Finished chapter one! Love it! But... one person logged on as "She'll never understand" and logged off as "She'll never know" is this an important plot detail that I will discover in the next chapter? Oh is it a mistake?


over 5 years ago Tami Lynn said:

Oh Lord! Vamp's a guy?! AWESOME!! :D



over 5 years ago Lillian said:

This was awesome, cant wait to read more!


over 5 years ago Jaycee Masters said:

That was great, I really hope there will be more, I'm very curious about how it will all turn out haha. Loved it!