I Wish

I Wish

6 chapters / 6078 words

Approximately 30 minutes to read


Andy Beckett is moving to London and on the way to London, she meets the five boys from One Direction. Liam is falling for her but also Harry is feeling something towards her. Even though Andy is starting to fall for Harry. Will Liam be able to stop that?


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over 3 years ago Lola rivers said:

love it keep on going


almost 4 years ago Elizabeth LaMotte said:

Keep going! Love it!


about 4 years ago Lizzy said:

Sorry, I mixed up my characters. -__-


about 4 years ago Cassie and Lynnsey said:

This is amazing! I'm a little confused though, who's Alisa? Did you mean to say Andy or is she a completely different girl? Great job though!


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