One Monster

One Monster

1 chapter / 184 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Just a random poem I thought up in about three minutes.


Writing, Horror, Poetry


Blue cute

about 3 years ago The Faery Tarotist said:

Getting a Dr.Jekyll vibe here, and I love it. You have a great way with capturing emotional turmoil in your poetry. I find that very refreshing.


almost 5 years ago Mickey Mouse said:

The tight rhythm really brought out the emotion of this piece.


about 5 years ago Theodora Dochara said:

Wow. Awesome job!


over 5 years ago Jakeb with a K said:

This poem was amazing. I loved it!


Living in dreamland

over 5 years ago Living in Dreamland said:

I love this one. It was a great comparison and the questioning helps to give a sense of doubt in the difference between the two. You definitely have a talent.


over 5 years ago Riah Dawn said:

Nicely done! You forgot an e in "create" butthe poem itself was wonderful.