The River Has Run Wild

The River Has Run Wild

2 chapters / 1571 words

Approximately 8 minutes to read


A fanfiction that I wrote. DISCLAIMER. The characters belong to LJ Smith. One of my fave authors! I made up the story though. Hope you enjoy it. Most of its just waffly though! :)



Tori me

over 3 years ago Torrance Courtney said:

This is really well written. I was hooked instantaneously. U have a lot of talent and I look forwards to seeing what else u will write.

If u could read "look away" or "don't forget me" that would be super helpful.


almost 7 years ago Oni-Okami said:

i`ve readed this twice and it is just good as the first time i readed it


about 6 years ago Callie Donnahough said:

I think..delena. LOL. Hence the two characters...x)

Sports day

about 6 years ago Alison L. said:

OMG. I read the vampire diaries too!! ZOMG. Sister's for life mann! The fanfic is reallyyy good. Go to. :) Team Delena or Stelena???



about 6 years ago Oni-Okami said:

i must you did a wonderful job on the edits


about 6 years ago Callie Donnahough said:

Oh no, it's ok. I actually sent her an email to ask if it was ok to write a fanfic-esque think on TVD and she said yes. It even says so on her website! :) I get what you mean though and yes, I will be starting some original stuff soon. Just as soon as I get past all my school work x)