October - An Excerpt

October - An Excerpt

1 chapter / 1094 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


**SCENE** October 15, 2008: the day fifteen-year-old Abby Rabanas died. October 15, 2008: the day Megan Benedict's life turned upside-down. October 28, 2008: the day Danny Bordeaux gained the ability to see the dead.


Writing, Drama, Novel



almost 6 years ago Jack Hobbs said:

Oh that was so so so so good! I really like dhow it was sort of forbidding and eerie. Great work!


almost 6 years ago Haylie Wood said:

Woah, this was really good! In a kind of eerie sort of way. Still, very interesting and the hold on the reader is tight to keep them reading. :) Great job, keep writing!


almost 6 years ago Gabby said:

This is very interesting.Great job! :)



almost 6 years ago loveena said:

Well written, It was very hooking, you seem to have a knack with words, and Your concept is well done, I am glad your writting skills are always in top shape!