Lightning Singer

Lightning Singer

2 chapters / 439 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Imagine you had the power to sing to lightning. To control it with your voice. Change when it appears, where it strikes, who it strikes. If you had that power, you’d be unstoppable.

For Aioni, it’s not just a skill, it’s a curse. At 19, she’s grown up without the knowledge of her power, being a good girl and following the main rules of her family- Be back at your caravan before dawn. Avoid talking to strangers. Don’t keep secrets. Never lie.

By the time her grandmother explains to her that she has the power, it’s too late. Aioni has caught the attention of someone that watches the shows that her family puts on. She knows she shouldn’t trust him. Aioni knows she shouldn’t trust Ray. But when others come to their camp because they want her power for themselves...she knows she has to run, even if it means breaking all the rules she knows by heart. Even if it means leaving her family and friends. Grandmother told her she could trust Ray, but it’s going to take a lot more than that to get her to really do so.

Follow the journey of Aioni and Ray on a trip across their country and to a different land altogether. In Lightning Singer, you won’t know who to trust or what to believe until the very end.

Good girls don't break the rules.
I may, yes, I MAY actually add a few chapters soon! :) So yay!
Remember that this is an incomplete story, and a work-in-progress. If you are confused about any parts, remember that in a real, completed novel, you eventually get an explanation. So, don't complain about being confused about how a person is acting or a situation is playing out, because everything will be explained in the end. Thank you! :)


Fantasy, Novel, Adventure



about 5 years ago Ashley Nicole said:

Oh my god, I can't wait to read more! c:

Sozo 034

over 5 years ago Angelica Huffman said:

I love what you have so far! Please keep writing this! The whole idea is genius and I can't wait to see where you take it!!!


over 5 years ago Ashleigh Brooks said:

IT'S GREAT! Really, it's incredible! I love how you give insight into her life in the prologue, but you leave the reader begging for more. I also love the names! They're beautiful! Great job and let me know when you write more!!! ^_^

Budgie epic small

over 5 years ago Hopeful Budgie said:

i like this so far :) continue!



over 5 years ago Belle Rez Winter said:

Oh look a second chapter, a second chapter! Wait.... :'( Seriously though, thanks for reminding me of this. It's SO GREAT!!


almost 6 years ago Ashleigh Brooks said:

Ugh...I was soooo disappointed! I wanted to read this! It sounded so interesting and I was sure I was going to love this! Please write something for this soon! ^_^ I'm begging you.....{really! I'm begging you!} And for the Description, why would you need to re-write it??? It's perfect as is! :)