As Plastic As Can Be

As Plastic As Can Be

1 chapter / 101 words

Approximately half a minute to read


WARNING: I DON'T RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE UNDER 16 SHOULD READ THIS. It is NOT about me, but about an abused victim and her story.


Writing, Drama, Poetry


Pink chrysanthemum

over 4 years ago Chrysanthemum said:

Wow this was powerful. Great job!

Purple-hearts-3 (1)

about 5 years ago Ta'Shandra said:

Thank you very much Katelynn


almost 6 years ago Chelsey Beasley said:

That was so sad. I'm trying not to cry right now.

Purple-hearts-3 (1)

almost 7 years ago Ta'Shandra said:

Thanks Carmyn.


Purple-hearts-3 (1)

about 6 years ago Ta'Shandra said:

Thank you Krystal.


about 6 years ago Krystal Maestas said:

This poem was short and simple, but the message was really powerful. well done!