Devil's Breath

Devil's Breath

1 chapter / 493 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


On December 21, 2012 - Sarah recieves a call from the government about a letter she wrote to them telling about her dooms-day visions. When she arrives at the corroner's and is shown a body, she must face the frightening truth; are her nightmares more than what they seem? *seventeen magazine contest* Awesome cover by Roxy Knight!!!!



over 5 years ago Jasmine q. Lee said:

Woah this was really scary. I loved the details and how they wrap together in such few words to create a short creepy story.


almost 6 years ago Eriny Hany said:

The way you wrote it says you have an amazing talent and I just loved it . The ideas were all arranged perfectly which made it even better .


almost 6 years ago Lucy Shifflett said:

Great job, once again you have an amazing style. This is a good ending or you could continue it, either way you have talent and I swear i don't say that to everyone :)


almost 6 years ago Miss Unidentified :) said:

Good start Meg!


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almost 6 years ago Brit B said:

Creepy, but it does kind of shoot into it, but it's still good and you should definitely continue.


almost 6 years ago Miss Unidentified :) said:

Good describing, I like the story line quite a bit. It's very good so far.