Did Moby Dick Just Fly by my Window?

Did Moby Dick Just Fly by my Window?

5 chapters / 2442 words

Approximately 12 minutes to read


When 13 year old Alana skateboards into a wave pool at water world, she's thrown into a deep coma and has some strange dreams that make her feel like Alice from Wonderland.


Comedy, Fantasy, Serial



over 6 years ago Asya Evilyn said:

Okay, You are not highly insane. Only slightly insane.

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over 6 years ago Hibiki Morino said:

i think i just popped my spleen through my ribs...that was fudgin hilarious...


over 6 years ago Audrey said:

:D Made me laugh. So hard. More please?

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over 6 years ago Erith Rell said:

so cool, when is the next chapter? p.s.- this iis from sydney m


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over 6 years ago Josie Violin said:

Hey Jessie, it's Josie, your friend, again. Yes, that was a nice, amusing piece. I liked the title you gave it and the picture you used. That was very clever. I hope you can check me out at Josie Rudoff. KEEP WRITING!!!! You're doing great, Jessie! :D