The New Era (pt. 1)

The New Era (pt. 1)

1 chapter / 2145 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


A young teenager named Danny lived in Hudson, Wisconsin in the year 2053. He thought he was just like everyone else. Little did he know he was being trained by his parents for the day he would turn fifteen, and join the MSA (military space division). He wakes up in a strange sci-fi type place. That's where his journey begins.


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almost 7 years ago Mike Pucci said:

very nice story, i think i know an influence to some parts of the story but thats's for later. i really enjoyed the perspective of danny's, i thought it sounded very realistic to a teenage boy. the setup to danny's arrival at this new place was well done, it gave you a sense of ease that was then taken right back when he wakes up in this new bed. overall a very good story and i look forward to more of it.


almost 7 years ago Breanna Starks said:

I really enjoyed this story. The whole thing was interesting and there wasn't one part that I felt dragged on too long. The characters seemed really realistic to me and that's part of what drew me into the story so much. I really wish there was more of this story!!!