A Wave Of Hope

A Wave Of Hope

1 chapter / 493 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


It is quite a depressing story about a girl who feels isolated from her family and friends, and is contemplating suicide. When the one thing that makes her feel better is no longer able to comfort her, she feels there is no one to turn to in the world that cares about her. However, when an estranged friend comes to her and realizes something is wrong, it shows her there is someone out there who can recognize her pain. It's about going through the difficulties of being a teenager and just wanting someone there for you who understands.


Drama, Short Story



over 5 years ago Knight&DayID said:

Wow, this story was so moving! I think you should continue it :).


almost 6 years ago Cait Cher said:

Very powerful story.


almost 6 years ago Bijou Lee said:

I can so relate to this story! Especially about finding a friend who understands you. So relatable it's uncanny. Love it! Definitely one of my faves. Keep it up!


almost 6 years ago Alex Mikaelson said:

This piece was written nicely, and the amount of emotion in this was perfect. You portrayed the deep emotion awesomely! The imagery was also beautifully done. Very nice work.



almost 6 years ago Sarah Madchen said:

Great! I like the hopeful tone at the end. and all of the simile's and metaphors throughout the whole story. Excellent work! Keep writing! ~Cricket


almost 6 years ago Cheyenne Chontos said:

So, so good! I'm usually more a dialog person, but this story didn't need any. I loved how you showed the emotions of the girl. The reader can relate to how she's feeling and how it feels hard to connect with friends and live up to her parents expectations. Awesome job, I hope you write more. Happy writing!