Yes, Your Highness

Yes, Your Highness

2 chapters / 8119 words

Approximately 41 minutes to read


Sequel to Vein of Love. :)

Mature content and vulgar language.


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about 3 years ago Xee said:

I'm absolutely a huge fan. Please write more. This story has become my favorite.


over 3 years ago Alyssa Amie said:

do you plan on continuing?!


over 3 years ago Flora Knight said:

Are you going to update this? This is really good!

Sailor moon shadow

almost 4 years ago Briana Duarte said:

Okay I found this sequel right after I was done commenting about how you should make a sequel. I'm sad to see that you stopped writing it was really good and I hope you pick it up soon again!



over 3 years ago Elena said:

That was really nice. I liked your writing a lot. LOVE the title! Well done!

Daiane sodré by anouk morgan 2

about 4 years ago Jacquexo said:

absolutely amazing