Boys and Bees

Boys and Bees

23 chapters / 34206 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read


When Lorabeth decided to fall in love, she knew it wasn't going to be easy. Unlike the bees that she trained, boys were strange, unpredictable creatures. Since the most popular girl in school, Hedda, receives love letters on a weekly basis, Lorabeth thought that taking a peek at those letters would help... or perhaps not. Lorabeth and Hedda are united by a strange deadly fire and a swarm of encroaching predators that threaten the school of apiology. Will Lorabeth be able to find true love and save her school from these mysterious enemies? And what does a coat rack, yellow ribbon, hypnotist, and tapioca have to do with it?

Cover Art by Tim Walker


Romance, Serial, Novel
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almost 3 years ago Lydia Albano said:

Ahh yes. Caith is very much alive, I think. He's so real, somehow. You obviously have a way with words (I'm not sure you've ever written a sentence that wasn't enchanting) but it's as if he's a real person, just like the other characters in this book! I don't know how you do it.

I really love how aware of herself Lorabeth is- she's not like, "why do I think this? why do I act such and such way?" I don't know if I'm making sense, but I love that she's on top of herself, and on her guard. But not immune to Caith's charms. And have I mentioned how much I love that name? And every name in this book?

Also, your background characters are so lovely and colorful- Rosalind and Moira are the perfect, odd, unique roommates. And the random characters like Atticus are wonderful as well. I'm eagerly awaiting more, and ever so grateful for this update. ;)


almost 3 years ago Bayonet Indigo said:

No! You just can't leave me hanging there ):

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almost 3 years ago Lydia Albano said:






I'm waiting.

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about 3 years ago Lydia Albano said:

Oh dear, I am so completely head-over-heels in love with this book. And I'm almost glad I haven't read it until now because that means less time spent waiting for you to pick it up again. Oh man. It's incredible.

I love Petro so much, and discovering Hedda's...peculiarity was perfectly surprising and fitting and sad. I'm very jealous of your imagination. ;) I'm intrigued and more than a little excited for the introduction of this Caith fellow, and can't wait to see his character and certain skills play their part.

I can't wait for more!



over 1 year ago Ninoshka Aviles said:

Oh my goodness Kim! I knew there was a reason for why I was putting of reading this story. For a long time now, I have glanced at 'Boys and Bees' again and again and just knew that I shouldn't start reading it yet because their would come a time where my mind would be completely clear and just ready for a story to take over.

I've never been a big fan of bee's, but then I never saw them in such a magical lighting either. I love this world you created and I'm completely in love with Lorabeth and her wild hair. All you characters have something that just makes the reader connect to them, even if it's just a a small little part of them.

I really can't wait for more of this and to find out more about Caith and hopefully Lorabeths parents.

I absolutely adore your writing and this story just left me breathless and excited to find out so much more! Truly it was magical.

Me 1963

almost 3 years ago Linda D said:

I just am so delighted with this story in every way – the characters – the mystery – the magical world you have created – and your AMAZING writing and imagery – AH ***sigh***

Pg 22 - Atticus’s usual cafeteria company was usually – drop one of those “usual” references.

Lorabeth’s mouth wobbled into a tiny smile – brilliant!

Please keep writing – this is wonderful.