Boys and Bees

Boys and Bees

23 chapters / 34206 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read


When Lorabeth decided to fall in love, she knew it wasn't going to be easy. Unlike the bees that she trained, boys were strange, unpredictable creatures. Since the most popular girl in school, Hedda, receives love letters on a weekly basis, Lorabeth thought that taking a peek at those letters would help... or perhaps not. Lorabeth and Hedda are united by a strange deadly fire and a swarm of encroaching predators that threaten the school of apiology. Will Lorabeth be able to find true love and save her school from these mysterious enemies? And what does a coat rack, yellow ribbon, hypnotist, and tapioca have to do with it?

Cover Art by Tim Walker


Romance, Serial, Novel
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Me 1963

over 1 year ago Linda D said:

A long tragic tear trickles down my face as I gaze longingly at absent friends, frozen in my imagination…If I wait any longer I may have to resort to the adverse practice of FanFiction and write my own ending.

Kim, don’t make me do that!


over 2 years ago Anonymity said:!


almost 3 years ago Annika Chauhan said:

Gack, it's another one: Chapter 8, Lorabeth has just 'finished' her homework and is going to bed. Moira turns the lights out. "The two lamps acted like twin stars amongst the shadows the room". I think it's supposed to be "shadows of the room" but I'm not sure exactly how you were trying to word it.


almost 3 years ago Annika Chauhan said:

Geesh! Typo: Chapter 3, fourth paragraph from the bottom of the part where Lorabeth sees Jenny and Paul together. You say "Lorabeth back away" instead of "Lorabeth backed away". Also, the paragraph right after that: "Springtime bloomed in summer." do you mean to say "Springtime bloomed into summer"? Not as sure of that one. I will tell you how brilliant I think this is when I've finished it!


Me 1963

over 3 years ago Linda D said:

Pg 19 : Lorabeth ducked (w)hen the carrier door swung open – Silly Nemesis – didn’t pick that up – the battle field narrows even more. Nemesis: 194,567, Me: now 223. HA!!!

Pg 20 Allergic to boys – priceless!

Kim, thanks for the great read – and I will await diligently until after you meet your deadlines – go kill ‘em (pun intended) – for some more great B&B updates

Me 1963

almost 4 years ago Linda D said:

Pg 18 - “as the traffic continued buzzing (by)”

Hedda is SUCH a mystery – can’t wait until you unravel her story for me.