Boys and Bees

Boys and Bees

23 chapters / 34206 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read


When Lorabeth decided to fall in love, she knew it wasn't going to be easy. Unlike the bees that she trained, boys were strange, unpredictable creatures. Since the most popular girl in school, Hedda, receives love letters on a weekly basis, Lorabeth thought that taking a peek at those letters would help... or perhaps not. Lorabeth and Hedda are united by a strange deadly fire and a swarm of encroaching predators that threaten the school of apiology. Will Lorabeth be able to find true love and save her school from these mysterious enemies? And what does a coat rack, yellow ribbon, hypnotist, and tapioca have to do with it?

Cover Art by Tim Walker


Romance, Serial, Novel
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Cup of tea

3 months ago Arabella Starr said:

Oh what characters you create. It is fantastic. Why is Hedda heartless? Boy is Timothy Lane blunt. Moira is morbid but lol she reminds me of Tommy Traddles in David Copperfield. I am not sure what to say about Petro, from he perspective of Lorabeth it makes sense how he is viewed. Friendship is the best lense to view a person through. The fire was horific. This story makes me think about notes. Once a boy I deeply cared about and ignored far too often wrote me several notes that I crumbled and tossed in front of his face. I suppose the guilt hunts me to this day. I wrote a note to one of my guy friends and although nobody does that just felt right...old fashioned, yes...but right. So excited to read more later :)


3 months ago Anonymity said:!

Cup of tea

4 months ago Arabella Starr said:

The Bottom of Things:

I am having trouble containing my amazement....your words are so unique and I had to peel myself away from reading the next chapter.

There are a few typos like the one in paragraph one: "like [a] loose balloon" but I didn't read looking for those...I looked for super sentences.

"I want to see boy's hearts". This is amazing, I feel like I know what she means but alas I can not even say it...all I can say is Lorabeth is a genius of sorts...she is awkward and talented.

"Mario" a bee named Mario? Seriously? This is like Nintendo's Mario and the name fits so well.

"Professional gardener" what an imagination....that job packs a punch....

"The cupcake crumbled" simple yet earthshaking-ly powerful.

"a boy-someone" ah the writer's's melodic really like water from a waterfall.

Oh my word! Bee team!

The flashback and flash forward in this chapter was artfully done and not a tad bit confusing.

"...jungle cat. Mr Sparling dampened the regality of it, however, when he fumbled with the collapsible roof" nice job writing a flawed character ;)

Cup of tea

5 months ago Arabella Starr said:

Ijust read chapter one and am delighted already....the way the bees carried the tea was deliciously surprising and when they played in her hair I got the chills.



about 2 years ago Hannah Rachel said:

Just a typo that I saw while reading: in chapter 23, the Roman Numerals for Elizabeth XV were switched around, so that it looked like Elizabeth V.

Thank you, and keep writing this amazing story!


about 2 years ago Gabrielle Laplume said:

HOW HAVE YOU NOT BEEN PUBLISHED?! You write very clearly, yet beautifully. I only have one thing I question:

“I heard about what happened. The Headmistress called our house in the middle of the night. She was so hysterical that I could almost hear her through the receiver.”

Uuuum wat? I would assume it was obvious he could hear her through the receiver.