The Prince and Me (fanfiction)

The Prince and Me (fanfiction)

165 chapters / 144779 words

Approximately about 12 hours to read


A FanFiction of the movie The Prince and Me. Takes place after the first movie. Please read if you have seen the movie.



almost 2 years ago Rachel S said:

Great story. Can't see 127, will it be up soon?


almost 2 years ago michelle wong said:

I love this piece of fan fiction but, I'm stuck on chapter 127. Would you mind giving me the early access code so that I can finish this amazing piece of work?


about 2 years ago Lena Bui said:

It said I need an access key to read chapter 126


about 2 years ago Erin McKenna said:

This story is amazing! Please put up the next chapter!



over 2 years ago Rebecca Dowling said:

Amazing it could be made into a film very good the person who wrote this has amazing talent and should continue writing x


over 5 years ago R. Soland said:

This was so good! I'm a big fan of "The Prince and Me" so I was excited to read this(: You captured the characters pretty well. Apart from a few minor grammar errors, or missing words, try to read the dialog, and make sure it sounds like something that the character would say. Otherwise, very good. I'm a hopeless romantic, so this pulled me in. Did you know, there's three more movies after the first?? The second and third aren't very good, but the fourth is great. It's about elephants.(: Anyways, I was also wondering if you'd come read "Exchange Tales" and "thornsnewsletter" and tell me what you think! Great job on this story! -R.Soland