Remember That Time

Remember That Time

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Remember that time I wrote a poem about the love we shared? [Well, I do.]


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over 4 years ago Liz Peterson said:

I really liked this poem! I found it relatable and I thought it was a great idea that each stanza was a different memory yet throughout the poem you hold one emotion: remembrance which was probably your goal. Excellent job! :)

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over 5 years ago Daisy Dardon said:

aww awww awww I clicked the invisible AWW button!!! lol this is so cute!


almost 6 years ago Weeping Willowz said:

Well, everyone else has summed up what I think. Simple, sweet and tangible. Beautiful.


almost 6 years ago Chanel Marie McKinnon said:

This is too cute. It reminds me of the song "That Time" by Regina Spektor. I like this also because it's more a response, it's not a creation of something that wasn't there--it was there and it was tangible. I liked this.



almost 6 years ago Krista O'Neill said:

As people at my school would say, "TOO CUTE!" I don't think I've seen a love poem handled quite so well by just a guy before. :) Well done. I only had one quibble with your wording -

"Remember that time

That you rescued a bird

And could never say goodbye?

[I helped you to.]"

If you say never, it means that the guy couldn't have possibly helped her to say goodbye, because, well, it was... never.

Otherwise, it's wonderful. So adorable.

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almost 6 years ago Chocoholic! said:

This made me smile. The things in parenthesis really added depth and feeling. I love the flow of this. My favorite paragraph was: "Remember that time We first meant to kiss When your parents interrupted? [We just kissed the next day.]"

I couldn’t help but smile at that. Amazing job.