Frakking Vests

Frakking Vests

1 chapter / 1477 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


Meredith is looking at doing her junior year over again, while her twin brother, Jeremy, gains the privileges that come along with being a senior. Unless, of course, a little blue flash drive with a certain incriminating video can be found. (Cover designed and created by fellow Figmenter, Jessa L Green.)
(Winner of The List contest.)

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almost 5 years ago Katie said:

Really great. I loved this! Go Jeremy :D

Could you read "The First Snow of the Year" for me? Thanks!


almost 5 years ago Lily Rose Marie said:

Any chance of this being continued? It's really food so far.


almost 5 years ago Olivia C.H. Atter said:

I loved this! The characters are really well developed and the writing is sophisticatedly brilliant and the characters are relatable and this made me laugh!


almost 5 years ago Dakota Wieler said:

This was terrific!!! I loved the mini-mystery of how she got moved back a grade. Very good!



almost 7 years ago Realexis said:

Like Match said you have good character development and dialogue as well, I'm not sure if you'll keep writing more to this or if this is the end, if this is the end then it is a very J.D. Salinger-esque ending (real moments about real people cut off without delving deeper into the story) but I would like to see you continue. It seems like there should have been some comedy in there, as I read and re-read it felt like the conversation was leading towards a joke but when there was none it felt, lacking. Overall I like it alot, continue or don't, your choice.


almost 7 years ago Bailey M. Kelsey said:

I just want to say a really sincere and big THANK YOU to every person who read this, and commented, and reviewed, and hearted.

YOU guys got me into the finals, and then somehow, I won! I have absolutely no idea how that happened, but I'm taking it and running with it and then hiding it in a very safe, secret spot.

Thanks a ton, everyone. And I do hope that you continue reading Meredith & Jeremy's story because they have a lot more to say about their senior year. (The rest of the story is at 'Kelsey and Lucas', search under people or my followers.)