Wipe Out

Wipe Out

1 chapter / 956 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Sara is blessed with the gift of healing, as well as cursed with the ability to absorb the memories of the injured people she helps out. After promising to herself never to use her abilities, her resolve is put to the test when she witnesses a tragic accident happen before her eyes.

Day 3 of the Daily Themes Challenge


Drama, Fantasy



almost 6 years ago AlyssaCoy said:

This is a "wow" story. You do have a great idea. If you decide to continue with this story, I promise to read the rest.


almost 6 years ago Claire S. said:

I love this story!! It's so unique and powerful. You communicate a lot about the character in just a few words. That being said, I think this feels more like the beginning of a novel or longer story than a short story. There is so much else you could add to it, and at the end, there are still so many unresolved questions and problems. I really want to read more! Keep writing and great job!!

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almost 6 years ago Amy Stidham said:

Your story had a very unique concept, which I liked, and it felt like the true voice of a girl with an issue. I also like how you added in the bit about her sister, since that gives the reader more of an emotion tie to Sara, since we know more about her life. I loved how ambiguous the end was, and I especially loved the line, "I see stars. Beautiful stars. They wink at me." Nice job!


almost 6 years ago Tia Walker said:

I though this story was interesting, but slightly confusing on some parts. The idea is very good. :)


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