Thoughts on genitalia

Thoughts on genitalia

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The first time I saw a penis. This may or may not be a true story...


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11 months ago gray said:

lmao! that is really funny!


over 3 years ago AnimeTiger said:

Totally made my night XD

almost 4 years ago Maeko Nagatani SweetnWild said:

XD I was nervous but curious about what hid behind that title and I gotta say it's not as bad as I'd expected XD XD XD XD I loved your imagery, the soymilk, the travel mug, the sympathetic glance. It painted a picture that is hysterical and sad all at once. If you did more chapters of this I'd love to see a little of each parent's point of view on this, the dad walking in, the mom thinking "oh crap" and then what happens next. Does she make excuses does she try and blame him or does she accept anything her betrayed hubby gives to her? had he already guessed something was happening, was their marriage failing or was it happy and he's completely shocked? I'd love to see more, and you can bet I'll read some of your other pieces :D

Ps- my first view was staying with my cousins and walking in to the bathroom before they got in the shower by accident. I screamed too...although i'd bathed together with those same boys when I was a baby so..does that count as the first or the first real one...? I'm rambling,nevermind. Byee!

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almost 5 years ago grace ._________. said:



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