Tattoos, Drugs, and Love

Tattoos, Drugs, and Love

4 chapters / 2689 words

Approximately 13 minutes to read


*Mature content! Just an FYI
Love can destroy even the best of people.
Nicole. Perfect student. Perfect daughter.
Jeremy. Smart. Rebel. Into Drugs. Possibly Sadistic.
What happens when one falls for the other?
Cover credited to Electric Electric


Memoir, Romance, Suspense



over 4 years ago Sidney Boyko said:

You described getting a tattoo perfectly! :D

Black bird

over 4 years ago Aviline said:

Wow. This is amazing. The first chapter is a great lure. It totally lured me in. This is a bit rushed, but the action movie fast plot makes it better. Congrats on being on the homepage!


over 4 years ago Hana Lou Tabaranza said:

The title was really interesting and you made me addicted to this story with your 4 chapters :D Pls continue to write moooore :))


over 4 years ago KERSTO said:

Awesome Book - Kersto


almost 4 years ago Maeko Nagatani SweetnWild said:

I literally just heard a story from a woman who her first date with a hottie was going to get a tattoo and his piercings. The only difference is the same night he took her to a graveyard, where she locked herself in the car and drove herself home. A month later he abused his newest girlfriend and was arrested. Nicole didn't get out at the first sign,and I'm apprehensive about where it will lead her.

I have to admit, your writing style is not my personal favorite. Nothing is wrong with it, nothing at all. Just personal taste- I like the plot and characters just not the lack of descriptive writing, but that's just me and I'm reading it regardless ^^

Bookworm faerie

over 4 years ago Twilight8890 said:

I really like this so far. The prologue was good because it made me want to read more. I wanted to know what happened to this sweet girl from the description. How did she wind up there? So I read. Jeremy makes ME uncomfortable and I'm just reading this. I couldn't imagine being in Nicole's position. Oh my god really. I couldn't believe it when she took the cigarette. Hello!!! Warning bells much!!! I like how you said that the tattoo actually hurt. I can't imagine it not. I don't have any but really? They're sticking a needle in your skin!!!

There were also very few grammar/spelling issues which is nice for me since I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi, forgive the term if it bothers you.

I am really enjoying this story so far. I'm hooked. Please continue!!!


P.S. Congratulations on getting on the homepage!!!