20 Things I Hate About You

20 Things I Hate About You

20 chapters / 395 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


My collection of so-called poems. Just a list of things that don't appeal to me.


Writing, Comedy, Poetry



almost 6 years ago Rebecca Lechar said:

haha LOVE THEM! :)


almost 6 years ago Kaye said:

This was funny, especially the no internet one. I bet a lot of people could agree with that.


almost 6 years ago Rona said:

This was funny, I was laughing the whole way! But maybe you should've made this just one chapter into a list form instead, would've been easier to read and less confusing.


almost 6 years ago Haon Xepherius said:

Very cool. Short, but it was the "short and sweet" type of shortness.


The vampire diaries

over 3 years ago Shammi said:

Very nice collection you have here. I felt that it was unique in its own way.

Great work! (:


almost 6 years ago Kelly said:

I really loved this. It was entertaining; I read the whole thing! My favorite ones were the Kardashian one and the flat-chested one! I don't have much criticism, it was so fun and quirky. Good job