Human, Half-Kind

Human, Half-Kind

6 chapters / 3136 words

Approximately 16 minutes to read


My name is all I know. Vampires are all they know. I am not a vampire, but I'm pretty close and on the good side?


Above the influence

almost 7 years ago C MsKnowitall said:

Okay, I have a huge idea for this, so it is kinda slow in my taste, but I will definitely try to slow down the progression.

Wolfy avvie

almost 7 years ago Grace Jones said:

A suggestion: Everything is progressing quite fast for my taste. Take a little time to set things up.


almost 7 years ago Miserable Existence said:

Wow, creepy and intriguing. I don't often go beyond the first chapter, but hey! this is pretty good so far. I shall read onwards...


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