A Damsel In Distress

A Damsel In Distress

1 chapter / 162 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


A nice little poem about a missing sweater. [Cover by Wynter]


Writing, Poetry, Comedy



over 5 years ago Juliet Gordanier said:

Wow you do write very funny

Denim rose

over 5 years ago Denim Rose said:

Thank goodness all girls aren't this dumb. I mean, I would hope not. Very funny.


almost 6 years ago Anna Moklyak said:

AHAHA!!!! That is hilarious!!!


almost 6 years ago Anna Libertas said:

thats like my sister with shoes. the last place she looks is where they belong : )


Cats and roses

over 5 years ago Pirate's Apprentice said:

I agree with the previous review; I love your rhythm. I also love how you think it's going to be about knights and towers and witches and the beginning, only to veer off into hilariously trivial territory.


over 5 years ago Padma Patil said:

This was quite enjoyable. I loved the conflict in your poem, and I loved how it concluded at the end. And I must say, you could be the next Dr. Suess with your rhyming ;)