Black Rose

Black Rose

9 chapters / 15417 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Kimberley Baccara has been brought up in a heavily religious household; the only thing keeping her family together is the appearance of a happy family. But, behind closed doors lie secrets, secrets that drive Kimberley into a state of depression, until she is so desperate for escape she runs away. A handsome tattooed stranger comes to her rescue and falls heavily for the girl he knows he can never have. On the run with nowhere to go they come across a dire conspiracy and Kimberley’s family seems to be at the heart of it.



almost 3 years ago writerwhowrites said:

This is soooo good! I cant wait to read more!The intro draws me in... this was really well written! :) Could you please look at my story Nobody Home for the OrphanFlash contest? Thanx... It would also be really awesome if you looked at my other stories like Blue Emma and Soul Thief... Thanx again and keep on writing... you have some great talent. By the way I love the song!


about 3 years ago Evie said:

Aw, I really like this so far. The song you put at the beginning fits the story perfectly. ^_^ Your characters are very realistic, as are the situations you put them in. If I had to critique something, it would be that you switch between Kimberlee and Kyle's POV without much of a warning, which can be a little disorienting. Maybe put a line of ***** in between them so we can tell when you're switching? I think that would help the flow in those areas. That's all I really have to point out, though, it's great so far and I can't wait to read more!


about 3 years ago Alena Wixley said:

Wow. Its absolutely incredible and has amazing potential to become a great novel someday. I love, love, loved the intro especially and the way you described everything. It was incredible and I really hope that you continue it!

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about 3 years ago Theresa Rose said:

The amount of detail you put into this story is magnificent!!! You write really well too! Great job!!!


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about 3 years ago Michael D. Waterhouse said:

Nicely done. Characters you can like and despise. Great descriptions and the plot has enough mystery to make you want more.


about 3 years ago Destiny Sweeten said:

Really descriptive. The plot was well written. I loved the amount of detail- makes it almost vivid. I enjoyed reading this a lot.