The Flower and the Demon

The Flower and the Demon

3 chapters / 1559 words

Approximately 8 minutes to read


A line drawn across in the dirt keeps two solitary beings from ever being together. The flower, living in a village with a field of flowers, visits the line daily to try and glimpse at the demon. The demon, living in a dark forest of blood with savage beasts, he sees her in the shadows not wanting to be seen.
The Flower and the Demon.


Writing, Fantasy, Romance



over 4 years ago Brittany Ann Mason said:

Wonderful. The Demon's name happened to tug my heart though. >.>


over 5 years ago Alexis Deaza said:

i liked it alot. very nice.


over 5 years ago Kira, Not From Death Note? said:

I really like the background picture you chose for your title. Can you send it to me?


almost 6 years ago Carmen Lopez said:

Once again, beautifully done!


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