New Chapter

New Chapter

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My second songbook.


Memoir, Poetry



over 4 years ago Rob said:

Good Job Cait!


over 4 years ago Anna Browne said:

"My Guy"

I am awful and pathetic at song-writing, so I can't make any constructive feedback examples, but it looks like I don't have to! Very well-written and reminds me of a better version of a Taylor Swift song. The only criticism: Is it a guy in love with a guy, or a girl in love with a guy? That was difficult to differentiate.

-Your Local Mermaid

Angel 7

over 5 years ago Ashley Shewmake said:

Did you write these?

Levi at niagra falls, on

about 6 years ago Levi Chesher said:

I really like Heavy Heart.


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