The Cold and Bitter Season

The Cold and Bitter Season

5 chapters / 638 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


It is the hardest thing, to exist in a world where you aren't wanted. The season of Winter has a hard time fitting in.

a piece from a few months ago, inspired in part by Light Boxes by Shane Jones. written in small, sort-of vignettes. the cover picture is mine. complete.


Writing, Short Story


Captain goob-arica

almost 4 years ago Susanna Torres said:

Besides the fact that i like winter, i thought this was wonderful. Not only was it an extremely clever idea to write this from Winter's point of view, but you did it phenomenally. Well done!

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almost 5 years ago Literature Lover said:

This was an amazing work of art. You are one talented writer!!


almost 5 years ago Sadie Short said:

you are an amazing writer. enough said.

Pink sky tree

almost 5 years ago Annie E.B said:

I loved this.



almost 4 years ago ImAmGonnaKickYou said:



almost 4 years ago Deka said:

I like these short vignettes because it shows different sides and memories of Winter. It shows Winter more rounded than expected.

*Sigh* This is such a sad outlook on Winter. When she asked the other seasons for opinions, why didn't they support her with the positives? Are they even friends? For the story purpose, I am not going to argue the positive sides of Winter like no school, snowball fight…etc. You make me sad. Boo you and congrats :)

The last vignette is an interesting choice. At first, it puzzles me to think that Winter will commit suicide because she is sad, bitter, and harmful to others. For the tropical countries, that would makes sense because well, they don't get Winter and snow. For the other ones though, like Greenland, how will Winter affect them?

I know that this is fiction and I should suspense my disbelief, but I would love to see you incorporate the logistics more. If you would expend it further, bring Winter to the North Pole or Antarctica would be interesting. How would she react to be the only season? With her death, what would happen to the penguins and polar bears? I wish there is an "Aww" button.