Haylee: 15&Pregnant

Haylee: 15&Pregnant

19 chapters / 23593 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


*Warning, this story may have profanity.* Best friends Evan and Haylee have been dating for almost a year now. When tragic events lead up to Evan leaving town for a few months, Haylee finds herself being stalked by a creepy boy. The boy rapes her, and Haylee finds out she is pregnant. Now she has to deal with all the high school drama; lies; hurt; everything.


Drama, Romance, Novel
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about 3 years ago ilene dawn said:

this was absolutely wonderful!


over 4 years ago Taylor Layne said:

I'm completely in like... awe. I actually cried a few times, which... Dude it takes a lot to make me cry. I love the story!!! Please print it and send a special autographed copy to me?? ~Taylor

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about 5 years ago Samantha Woo said:

Wow, this is really intense! I think there are a few places where it seemed a little awkward, but I think it's really good overall! Great job! :)


over 5 years ago Koda said:



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over 5 years ago Kalyn Cole said:

Overall the story was okay. I liked it fine, but it seemed kind of superficial, like you were throwing her life around. A lot of the people in it seemed kind of stupid or careless, and you also had quite a few grammar mistakes. There is a lot of potential in this story. Maybe do some touch ups and see where it brings you.

PS: In the end it said that Jace had green eyes, Chloe had blue eyes, and Madison had brown eyes. But you never really mentioned Evan or Haylee's eye colors, or hair. Just something I noticed. Keep up the good work.


over 5 years ago ~Michelle said:

The ending!! It's perfect. I love this whole story. Edit it and add some stuff then publish it! And send me a copy!