Cuts (cutters prison)

Cuts (cutters prison)

1 chapter / 891 words

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I never thought I would ever cut myself but being imprisoned for it?? come on! Man I must have bad luck or something PS this was the Daily Theme for Jan. 16, 2012:
Jonathan Franzen used to write his novels wearing earmuffs, or earplugs, in a darkened room with no windows, so that he could completely immerse himself in his fictional world and forget about the real one. See if that works for you.
*cover by Hailey Kendricks*


Writing, Short Story




almost 5 years ago Jade Clark said:

Reminds me of things... many things

Becca's edit

almost 5 years ago Sarah G said:

Last sentence, so true. I would know, since I've been on both sides of the equation -- I've been the cutter with my friends as Aster, but before that started I was Aster and one of my friends was the cutter. You wrote this so well.


almost 6 years ago Kayana said:

So sad..

Sunny smile

almost 6 years ago Emily A said:

Aw, that last sentence is so sad. "No, I wouldn't understand." I feel like I've heard that so many times...


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