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Monsters are a thing of dreams and tales; creations brought to life by human fears and circumstances. They can’t be people and children just trying to live their lives and survive under cruelty and oppression.
And if this isn't the case, people were about to see how much of a monster I could be.



about 5 years ago Sarah Littlejohn said:

Other than a few punctuation mistakes, this is really good. (: good job, and good luck! (:


over 5 years ago Christy Brownd said:

Very nice concept. I really enjoyed reading it. One little comment; I doubt she would actually measure precisely a centimeter before she wiped a tear away. Too much detail can be a bad thing! Nice job!


over 5 years ago R. Abbas said:

I loved this, the charactars you write about are like the ones i spend all of physics class daydreaming about!!!! You write with viusual discription and awe-worthy talents!! Great Job!!!!


almost 6 years ago Eriny Hany said:

This was soooooooo good , I loved the describtions and everything . Your charecters were really engaging .



almost 6 years ago ●♥Johana♥● said:

Haha:-) im in this too! Good luck:-) the story idea itself is very good but you really need to reread it and polish it up. Give it a few days rest and then attack it again. That ought to help. There were many unclear sentences and sadly im on my phone so i cant edit them:-( great story idea though. Love it:-)

Purple flower

almost 6 years ago Alexa said:

Wow this is a great story! I love how creative you went for this contest. It is quite unique. I would recommend adding a few more sensory details to really suck the reader into the story and make them feel Ella's confliction and disgust at the slaughter. Also describe what the "mosters" look like with more detail. You have given Ella a great voice and I felt her emotions come through the writing. You have some real talent and creativity. :)