1 chapter / 97 words

Approximately half a minute to read



almost 3 years ago Abbey said:

I love iRobot!!!!!


almost 3 years ago Becka Ral said:

I like this. I love the cliffhanger ending. The third and fourth lines should have the same spacing,but, other than that, it was really good.

Black and white me

almost 3 years ago littlepixie909 said:

this could just be left like this or can turn in to an awesome Irobot type of book, awesome job!


almost 3 years ago Gabrielle Ozee said:

This is very unique.I like that this in the perspective of a robot.Great job! (I hope that it is okay that I read this.I have already read Danger Tree.)



over 2 years ago WhenSheCries. said:

that was actually really good i liked it nice cover too:)


almost 3 years ago Michael A. Withell said:

I wast just browsing for good sci-fi and I stumbled upon this. It is a truly wonderful piece.

Every line is beautifully written and you manage to perfectly describe the scene in so few words. You have also managed to create genuine intrigue, which quickly allows the reader to empathise with your character.

I am without criticism, and I am usually a very cynical critic.

Michael W.