Fresh In England

Fresh In England

17 chapters / 39845 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read


Becca Clark moves to England after her 16 years in Arizona, USA.

She wants to start fresh and not have people judging her by making her feel like shes different all because shes America.

Then one day, Niall Horan shows some interests in her...





over 4 years ago Jamie C Brown(AKA Jamie Horan) said:



almost 5 years ago Julie said:

This is one of my favorite stories. Like. Ever. I loved how you put in little details about each boy, even when the book is on Niall


almost 5 years ago Diana Bautista said:

I love it! please update soon.=D


almost 5 years ago Jamie C Brown(AKA Jamie Horan) said:

No updates for so long! UPDATE!



over 5 years ago Allie&Claire said:

To the authors note: I don't think it should get THAT serious.

Also, I like it but maybe continue with the get-to-know-me stage.


over 5 years ago Tiara S. Blues said:

Hi! This is one of my favourite stories to be honest. I have ALWAYS been a 1D fan, and all their personalties have been shown in this, from Louis' carrots too Harry's flirting! Niall was amazing in this, and the way he was with becca was spectaCULAR! PLEASE PLEASE write some more! And tell me if you did, i need to be updated, cuz this story was AMAZING. PS my favourite part was their first kiss! x Thanks! and the authors note was fine! It just makes the story more interesting.