Midget Kiss

Midget Kiss

1 chapter / 85 words

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Kisses are supposed to be romantic, but mine was simply nauseating.


Writing, Comedy, Drama


Ember l.

almost 6 years ago Ember L. said:

haha This made me laugh. :) Good job!

Taylor swift hand heart

almost 6 years ago Kaeli Hammer said:

haha this is so funny


almost 6 years ago Lauren said:

Haha, I was laughing so loud when I read this!!!!!!!!!!! XD


almost 6 years ago yeah. said:

Ha, this is great! "And after I finished slapping him", love it. Very short and excellent.


The beale papers cipher no 3

almost 6 years ago Smoke Or Tea said:

Not exactly a review, but I have a similar story:

A first kiss is supposed to be fantastic. Amazing. World-series kinda stuff. This was what I've been taught since conception. Probably before-hand, too. But it was nothing like that. No, it happened to be a normal April day at recess when I was being chased around the blacktop. Again. But this time, one of the boys chasing me seemed more determined than the others. Thankfully, I was faster. But that doesn't mean he couldn't catch up when I decided to hide. He, unfortunately did. My lips were stolen by a muddy boy who sat on the other side of the room. A messy boy who always sat by me during reading time. The two suckers in my Valentine's bag should have tipped me off. But I sure did enjoy the bright red mark left from when my fist met his face. I was wearing a lovely dress that day... I hate dresses. But I learned one thing that day: Remember the perpetrator's name and you can exact revenge later.

Sincerely, but not too much so, Chapelier Fou