Silence of the Stars

Silence of the Stars

1 chapter / 949 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


"As I watched the lights in the sky, I heard their silent mockery, and swore that someday I'd tear them down from their thrones. I would make them envy my light. Those stars were mortal, too. And I would be the one to teach them that." ~~~ Promo for my novel, "Compass Heart". I love feedback! :) Enjoy!


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over 5 years ago kaylee said:

Hi, could you please read my story The Murder of Allison Price? please if you do leave a comment and advice. I want to become a better writer. Thanks!


almost 6 years ago S.E. Sinkhorn said:

Very dark and sad, with some beautiful imagery. I'm feeling a little lost at this point, but I imagine the confusion about his situation will clear up if you keep going with this. Loved the star/night sky imagery.


almost 6 years ago Cassie said:

Really good! I'd like to know maybe a little more back story and maybe some more details on what happened to Noah but still, well written! :)


almost 6 years ago AbstractHeart said:

That was great. Especially the dialouge.



over 5 years ago Kisora Thomas said:

Your story is immediately enrapturing, you bring readers to a place they can hold, and see. Then, you take this place, and put in the hands of your main character, and whatever mysterious struggle he goes through in the chains. The connection between the two incidences compels the reader, and raises the questions that are all fired the deeper the reader travels. More, please.


almost 6 years ago pipkin said:

First off, I like were this is going. I sounds very interesting so far. It’s a preview of a full story, right? Sounds like it will be an interesting read. I like your use of imagery, like when you describe the head ache, “driven like a spike into my skull”. You describe your character and their actions and it makes the story interesting.

Something I would suggest is to tweak some spots. The beginning for instance, in my opinion, sounds a bit off. “pointed through my mitten” Just seems to not flow well, sound wise. This is just my opinion though.

Overall it was an enjoyable read. Good luck on the finished project.