First Kiss

First Kiss

2 chapters / 410 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Featured on the homepage under "handpicked figs" 4/9/2012 ^__^

Jan 20 YALSA prompt: Write about a first kiss. Please take a look and heart/comment/review if it deserves it!


Just look at him

about 2 years ago Steven Quartz Universe said:

Well, crap. That must suck. "Oh, sweetie, I love you, you're such a good kisser and OM NOM NOM NOM NOM." XD

The beast smiling

about 2 years ago Rain7427 said:

Oh man that was....scary...

Luna lovegood

about 2 years ago Emma said:



about 2 years ago Ela K. said:

Hahahah this is absolutely CRAZYY!! But i love it!




about 2 years ago Emma T said:

Funny in a weird, dark way. A blunt, frank way to deal with a strange topic. Really enjoyable and not too over-ambitious for a short.

Yin and yang!!!!snake form...hehehe

about 2 years ago Quinn E. Danger said:

For some reason, I don't think I feel as disturbed or scared as I should be, mostly because I don't feel scared or disturbed at all...

Oh well. My sense of "disturbing" or "scary" seems to be a lot different from everybody else's XD But I liked this. It was good, well written, just enough description for this kind of writing- all in all, brilliant, though personally I think it was missing something... don't know what though.