MidTARDIS Night's Dream

MidTARDIS Night's Dream

5 chapters / 1839 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


In english we're rewriting a midsummer night's dream, and mine a was doctor who version, so i figured since a lot of you folks like doctor who i might as well publish mine. Please read it all if you like doctor who! Also this is a play, just thought i would warn you. Also it's got 2x the Doctor, so 2x the appeal! Hope you like it and stuff, kay.



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Tle amy pong

over 4 years ago June Lucas said:

This is great, I laughed so hard! Great job!


about 5 years ago Amber Michelle said:

"go exterminate a pebble or something..." BAHAHAHA! and the little play at the end had me rolling on the floor! that was fantastic! REALLY!


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about 5 years ago Lizzie S. said:

Haha this is awesome. XD I love it. Especially the Daleks' play at the end. So funny!! :D


about 5 years ago The Wandering Fandomer said:

Oops, I meant 'Do I really look like that from behind?"