Does Technology Ruin Teens' Brains?

Does Technology Ruin Teens' Brains?

1 chapter / 440 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


-Do not confuse with my other piece on the same topic- An essay I wrote for school. I thought that since I'd get rid of it anyway, I should at least post it here first. *Read, Review, and Relax!*



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over 2 years ago Mimiru said:

This is a well-written article about your point of view about kids and technology! I really like it! it's really fluent and you're able to swim through the article just like that - there are no problems understanding anything and the conclusion was meaningful as well! :)

However, if you want to get some tips. How about these here:

1. Try to be a bit more critic:

- question the statements of the professors and neurologists! Are they really true? Is there another way they could be interpreted? - question your own thoughts as well - are there side-effects? are there conditions? are there times/cases your statements might not be true?

2. A common mistake: searching for arguments that support your theory only! that's a common mistake in academical term papers even, but it's the wrong way around - here is what you should really do:

- research pros and cons evenly - weighing all of the arguments: which are important? which have the most influence on sth.? - what would speak AGAINST certain arguments? What would speak FOR certain arguments?

If you do it like this you will come to a conclusion that is based on a neutral approach to the topic - otherwise you're always subjecive, since you want to bring across your own opinion at all costs!

Of course, your own opinion is very important!! VERY IMPORTANT! If you don't have a standing or point of view you don't need to write essays or articles at all! Which is why I liked your article! You made your opinion very clear! However, it is not wise to search only for arguments that highlight ow right you are! ;) (One can clear observe this in the last paragraph) It should be the other way round: Because of the arguments you're of this or that opinion.

Anyway, this article was really good, I enjoyed reading it! :) If you got more of that, I will read them! :) Keep it up! :)